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Single 18 - inch 3D Beam Array Subwoofer


Indoor and Outdoor Stadiums
Live show
Entertainment Project


  • OPD18B consists of a single 18-inch speaker and a rear-loaded wooden box structure. In numerous experimental parties.
  • In this case, we choose the post-loading scheme with high sensitivity and efficiency. When the loudspeaker is loaded with more air load, its energy will be concentrated in the frequency band needed by the design, reducing the unnecessary frequency band.
  • The lower limit of low frequency of OPD18B reaches 33 Hz in the case of -3dB, which greatly enriches the expressive force of music. At the same time, the box structure guarantees the transient response of the bass, and the low frequency becomes compact, not dragging, and can be retrieved and played freely.
  • In the actual application of outdoor performances or night bars, the size and weight of double 18 inches are restricted. The Single 18 inch bass is the best choice. It occupies small space, is easy to carry and is convenient to form arrays.
  • It can be combined with OPD08, OPD12, OPD18B speakers, LAX DSP48, MT1300 power amplifier.


Frequency Response 33Hz-200Hz(-3dB)
Sound Pressure Level 136dB(Peak)
Sensitivitsy 103dB @ 8 Ω 1m/1w
Power Rating(AES)


Nominal Impedance

8 ohm

Driver 1 x 18"
Dimensions(H x W x D)

561 x 880 x 750 mm


2 x four-core socket: 1+1-

Net Weight
31 kg

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